Nov 2012 09

This is a fun follow-up to a spot McGarryBowen did earlier this year involving beautiful people running on a beach. This time, they tackle the feel-good holiday romcom movie trailer.

I’m hoping Sears here in Canada will start doing some fun work now that Graham Lee and the crew are on the business here at Unitas. But for now, we have this. I thought it was pretty well done.



Nov 2012 06

In honour of today’s Election Day in America, here’s the much-talked about ‘Lincoln’ from SNL on Saturday.

I’m not sure how long this linked video will stay up (Saturday Night Live doesn’t like their stuff on anything but NBC or Hulu, both non-viewable in Canada). But here it is… Louis CK’s spoof of his own show, ‘Louie’. It’s kind of like saying I like Coca-Cola, but I love Louis CK. I admire how he doesn’t deem any subject as untouchable, and always comes out seeming like he doesn’t hate anyone, really, as much as he’s disappointed in himself.

SNL Louie Lincoln-Vimeo HD from eppo on Vimeo.

Nov 2012 01

Jon Murray, one of my favourite copywriters (now in sunny California, the turncoat), called me up at RMW to say he was working on a short film. And could we maybe do the sound? Of course we could.

As the Audio Director, the real hard-work was done by other people like the sound engineer and composers at RMW that contributed their formidable talents for the project. However, I will say I did learn how challenging (and fun) it can be to try to corral everyone to go in one direction. Jon had a specific sound in mind and it was a good learning experience for me to take what he was saying and relay it to everyone else or interpret it a new, different way. Hey, that’s what an audio director does, right?

In the end, I think my big contribution – other than keeping us to some deadlines – was recommending that we should throw out the VO we recorded that belonged to the actor in the film. He came in for a couple of hours and it never sat well with me for some reason. He was good. But I was always hearing Jon Murray himself in the VO role. Jon had a quality that made you want to root for him. He was earnest and sincere. And I think the character needed that for us to empathize more. So that’s what I recommended – we redo it with Jon’s voice. And the rest is sound history.

Here it is, Jon Murray’s award-winning short film ‘Today I Tell Her’.

Today I Will Tell Her from Jon Murray on Vimeo.

Written and Directed by Jon Murray
Cinematographer: Robert Lyte
Editor: Jackie Roda
Producer: Phil Carvalhodd
Music: Dustin Anstey, Laura Nikolic, Jeen O’Brien, and Stephan Szczesniak
Audio Director: Andrew Bradley
Sound Engineer: Dustin Anstey
Sound Design: Art Mullin, Kyle Gudmundson

Oct 2012 31

Halloween is here. And you know what that means… kids coming to the door expecting free candy just for standing there and doing nothing. Half of them don’t even say “Trick or Treat” anymore. Where are our standards? It’s an unspoken agreement — I give out candy I bought with my hard-earned dollars and they’re supposed to say something. They’re fucking with tradition here. Sigh.

Anyhow, here are some fun and clever ads for Silver Snail Comics for Halloween thought-upped (yes, I know that’s not a word) by Cheil here in Toronto. Joe Musicco, the ECD, is not only a smart (and evidently geeky) guy, but he’s also one of advertising’s super nice people.

I particularly like the Superman as Batman one, cause we all know Superman secretly wanted to be him. It’s fucked up psychotherapy “My mom and dad died when my planet blew up and now I’m Earth’s saviour” stuff.

AGENCY: Cheil, Canada
ECD: Joe Musicco
AD: Donald Vann, Laura Kitching, Helene Larochelle
CW: Tom Mednick, Scott Lew, Jason Partridge
DESIGNER: Joe Borges
PHOTOS: Alex Lukey

Oct 2012 29