Dec 2012 20


Taking a big chance on tomorrow being the Mayan end of the world thing …





Dec 2012 17

I like this spot. But more than the spot itself, I love the story behind it.

BMW’s ad agency, KBS+P, pitched this idea to the car maker and BMW said ‘nah’. The agency, undeterred and believing in the idea, decided to try to produce it themselves to prove to the client that it could work.

The spot is about going home for the holidays and how the road home is the best drive you can take. So how does an agency get this produced for very little money? They asked their own staff of about 50 people to use their smartphones and shoot whatever they felt communicated this idea during the Thanksgiving break.

Here’s the result. And I guess the client ended up convinced when they saw it cause it’s now a real, bonafide, commercial…

Sometimes you gotta believe in enough in an idea to keep bringing it back. After all, if you don’t believe in an idea enough to take a leap of faith, how can your client?


Dec 2012 12

On a day going nuts for the number 12, I’ll instead talk about Terry O’Reilly. After 22 years at Pirate Radio, he’s leaving today. The copywriter, director and co-founder of Pirate is off to more duties at CBC and who knows what else? To say he’s “retiring” is funny. I think he’s going to be busier than ever.

But, it’s a milestone day in advertising. And it seems that like many people can say, I can say Terry O’Reilly has been a big influence in my career.

I met Terry when I was an intern copywriter at MacLaren McCann. I remember the first time I walked into Pirate Radio and how I felt. Panic. This was the big time and I was nervous. They had 5 types of coffee in the lobby for crying out loud. Free. I don’t remember the scripts or how it turned out, but I do remember how genuine and welcoming Terry was. In a business full of egos, Terry treated me like I was already an award-winning writer.

Whenever I had the opportunity to work with him, he always had a suggestion that made the work (and my future writing) better. It not only improved the creative, but now as a producer/director, I realize how it meant he had been thinking about my scripts. That’s being a director, my friends.

But I think my favourite Terry O’Reilly moment has to be from just a couple of years ago. I ran into him at the Porter check-in area at Billy Bishop Airport. He was with his three daughters and wife and I didn’t want to bother him since it looked like he was going on holiday. But he saw me, came over, and greeted me with the same warmth and genuineness that he would have when I talked to him at Pirate. Holy Crap, I can say Terry is my friend. He didn’t even mention the whisky on my breath.

So thanks, Terry. Thanks for making our industry better with your work, passion, and by just being a good guy. In an industry, and sadly an age, where those three things don’t keep the same company very often, you’ll be missed.

Dec 2012 06

I wish I made this video. I didn’t. But there are a lot of days that I feel like this is exactly what I do as a director/producer at RMW Music. Sometimes, sessions are a smooth as butter melting off a Hippo’s back. And other days, when clients over-think things, it feels exactly like this.

Poor Santa. I’d put him through the ringer.

Yes, I made up that expression about the Hippo’s back.

A hilarious, too-close-to-home video from Dailey & Associates.
Thanks to Art Mullin, cohort at RMW Music for showing me this.

A Stella Holiday Gift
Dec 2012 03

Okay, this was pretty cool.

A fun holiday Carol from Stella Artois. You enter your name, address and a message. And then you watch a film that tailors the story and content to you. Have we seen this done before? Yes, Arcade Fire did it and OB Tampons — but never with this much style.

Experience your own here. Yes, you have to go through Facebook. Usually I hate that shit, but this time I made an exception.

If you don’t want to go and do it… Here’s an example with a generic address. So picture it on your street through the wonder of Google Maps.