Jun 2020 10







Mar 2020 12


Yuki, my mother, did not hug. Ever.

I never saw her kiss anyone.

She did not like having visitors in our house.

She was wary when the door bell rang.

She liked to keep a distance of about ten feet between you and her. Six if you were family.

She did not share food or utensils.

She did not like to sleep in the same bed, or room, with anyone.

I do not recall her ever attending a sporting event or a concert.

She went out to get groceries and came right home.

She did not talk to strangers. Even if they talked to her.

She did not hoard but there was always an 8-pack of Cottonelle stashed somewhere in the house just in case.

She hated parties.

She hated being around other humans, actually.

Yuki gave a daily Master Class on Social Distancing.

Be like Yuki right now.

And then don’t.






Dec 2019 05

As December continues, I was inspired by my summer kite today. It’s still sitting by the door, hopeful and waiting for the flight that never came this year. I am infected by its optimism. 

** A few typos to correct, but this is how we make the sausage **


Nov 2019 13


I have turned off the public word tap lately.

Not sure anyone noticed. I certainly hope you have more going on in your life than to check a little blog of a Canadian Advertising Copywriter for updates. “I can’t wait for his posts about Bass Playing, Pigeons on Balconies of Parkdale, or the double slit experiment and its results possibly supporting the Simulation Theory of consciousness.”

I like to write raw, and honestly, and that can be emotionally draining. I think that’s why some of the most prolific writing periods for me have been during crisis like family illnesses, or personal struggles.

So in a way, my lack of posting is perhaps a good thing. Nothing bad is happening. If Santiago had caught that fish in ‘Old Man and the Sea’, it’d be a boring read. So, no I’ll save you from all the positivity for now.

Cocooning. Dormant. Slumbering. Have planted seeds that will sprout soon, but actually really enjoying my work as an Advertising Copywriter again. I’ve had the good fortune to work for some fabulous advertising agencies the last months, on interesting projects.

Words have been good to me for my whole life. They’ve educated me, kept me company and inspired my imagination, and eventually they gave me a career. I like to boast they are my playthings, but really I’m the one at their mercy. I continue to be in awe of their power and tread lightly when I try to find new ways to harness their energy. It’s a good relationship, but one I will treat delicately.

If you are one of the five or six people that comes here, the writing will be back.

And if you are an advertising agency looking for a scribe, a Ronin Samurai with a pen, please inquire.









Apr 2019 29



Let’s pledge
to make

all new glorious mistakes
this week




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