Feb 2017 19

Dan Rather. Russell Brand. Keith Olbermann. These are some of the voices I’ve been listening to and nodding along with as they comment on the times we are living in. If you haven’t read some of Dan Rather’s pieces, I highly recommend them. Or Russell Brand’s web series ‘The Trews’. So good.

And the one I’m really loving? Keith Olbermann’s ‘The Resistance’. A sample below. It’s long, but god, he’s so good. Man crush. His series lately has covered Trump’s war on pet food, immigrants, his staff’s possible treasonous activities. It’s like Sesame Street for adults like me. I’m learning and enjoying myself along the way. Great stuff.

I’d really like to find a non-white male perspective though. If you have any, shoot me an email. Not that these views would only resonate with white males, but I’d like to here some other voices. Social Media lets us select such a like-minded view to our own, that I need to look out beyond the trees.

Enjoy your long weekend, Canada!

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